Tim Tebow Finally Got His First AFL Hit

tim tebow hit arizona fall league

Last week, Tim Tebow stole the show yet again by using his gifts to aid a man suffering from a seizure.

A truly remarkable feat no doubt, but on the diamond Tim entered Tuesday on a not-so-great 0-12 hitless streak. You know, pretty much what every scout expected Tim to bring to the field — not much.

However, Tim finally put his mark on Arizona Fall League today with a single to left field:

Here's a look at Tim Tebow's swing on his first #AFL16 hit #Mets pic.twitter.com/lloCqhlU0e

— Jonathan Mayo (@JonathanMayo) October 18, 2016

Another angle from behind Tim:

Tim Tebow with his first hit in the #AZFL pic.twitter.com/ENDcXCOWUI

— Mike Bennett (@RedDawg3312) October 18, 2016

Suddenly Tim’s AFL spray chart isn’t that depressing.