The Kelly Twins Destroy A Beach, Saban’s Granddaughter Witnessed Ass Chewin’ & Bella’s Neck

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All eyes will be on Blue Jays-Indians at 8 on TBS to see what craziness will happen when Leebs shows up at Game 1 of the ALCS. Has to happen. Front row. Leebs and Sierra. Big lights. Big game. He’ll be there. That will be exciting. Cleveland will be in rare form at that hour on a Friday night. You’ll also get Duke-Louisville at 7 on ESPN for those of you who need to gamble. The WNBA Finals is to Game 3 for the SJWs out there. Big night.

Meet Rava Ray…she skinny dips with stingrays for photoshoots

The Kelly Twins hit the beach…something happened, photos were snapped

What the hell is that on Bella Thorne’s neck?

Nick Saban’s 2 yr old granddaughter witnessed Lane Kiffin ass chewing

Arizona Fall League runs Tebow’s career stats…NFL stats

Karl Anthony-Towns talking sh it to Louisville on Snap

Florida Son brawls with Florida Man after dad throws out Legos…Florida Son is 19

Meet Darby

Failed Pick & Roll NBA Vine of the Week

Pizza Burger of the Week