I Might’ve Found My New Favorite Novelty Event…The World Long Drive Championship



I’m not going to pretend that I watched the World Long Drive Championship Wednesday night. I didn’t have to thanks to Golf Channel firing away with videos on Instagram. I started letting those IGs load, became intrigued by one video after another while scrolling through IG model pics. I kept seeing these monsters mashing golf balls 400 yards and a stadium environment where fans can get rowdy.

Then I started thinking: Where would it be cool to hold the WLDC? What about on a cruise ship and you hit onto a beach off Jamaica or something like that. And the sport needs a heel. We need some trash talk. We need one of the guys to get popped for PEDs so the NY Times can investigate.

Suddenly I’m all-in on this sport. I find myself wanting to see if these guys can hit a chip shot after, for example, Joe Miller rips off a 432 yard bomb.  He’s the rock star of this tour. I went over to his IG and he’s filming commercials for BMW, ripping off bombs and rides in helicopters. This WLDC thing has some serious promise. Congrats to the guy who came up with this as a business.

$150k to hit a golf ball 432 yards last night isn’t a bad day at the office.

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