Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner Reunited With John Franklin III After Auburn Beat Mississippi



First of all, if you haven’t watched Last Chance U on Netflix yet, well you’re missing out a ton because it’s awesome. Brittany Wagner is EMCC’s athletic advisor and even with all these superstar athletes who screwed up, came through there and end up going to big time college football programs, she ended up being the star. If you didn’t fall in love with Brittany by the end of series, something was wrong with you.

Well today she got reunite with one of the other stars of show, John Franklin III, who now plays at Auburn.

Like I said, if you didn’t watch the show this probably means nothing to you. But if you did, you know how much Brittany mean’t to these guys and how much she helped turn their careers around. Pretty cool moment if you ask me.

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