Reds Fan Heroin User Goes Viral In Memphis For Being Unconscious On Sidewalk With His Old Lady



You know the video of the couple passed out on a sidewalk that’s going around that you probably didn’t watch because you didn’t want to see two zombies dead on a sidewalk? Yeah, well I just watched the video on the recommendation from a BC tipster who said the guy was wearing a Reds shirt.

Dammit…not my Reds. We have been through enough shit over the last several years with players who never lived up to their hype and shit pitching that is now only good enough for last place in the NL Central.

Anyway, now we have this heroin fiend snorting heroin in a Memphis Walgreens bathroom with his old lady and then going unconscious out on the street. Everyone can relax, they’re not dead. The paramedics dropped them off at the hospital in “noncritical” condition.

That’s not the only drug-induced video to cross our path this week. Just last night a BC reader captured this craziness in Cleveland where some crazy bastard got into a fist fight with a guy in a van, then started running naked down the street while jumping on some truck.

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