This Might Be The Football Catch Of The Year…Get This Kid An ESPY…Top Play On SportsCenter…Etc.



Want to see your football catch of the year? I don’t care what Noah Brown did against Oklahoma. Yeah, that was a great grab where he pinned it against the Sooners DBs back. Impressive. But it isn’t more impressive than what a kid did for the Pro Titans of the Wellington, Florida¬†youth football league.

Stop and look at everything going on here. The pass back to the QB. The throw. The juggling. Gets off his knees while still juggling, maintains composure to grab the ball and walk in for the score.

This might be the best thing to happen to the Titans all season.

As for the final score, the Bills defense was horrible all day. The Titans (6-0) won 40-0. This Titans offense is the real deal. They’ve scored 203 points through six games and the defense has given up 25. They’re my pick to win the Florida Super Bowl.


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