Julian Edelman’s Baby Shower Dimes, Vikings Ball Boy Makes Great Grab & New Wheel Of Fortune Disaster


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There’s a baseball wild card game tonight between Baltimore and Toronto on TBS. That starts just after 8, which means it’ll be over at about midnight. Yeah, no way I’m staying up for the ending. There’s also preseason NBA action for those who have no life and can’t mix in a PBS show here and there. Have you seen Frontline lately? Catch one. It’ll be better than preseason NBA.


Meet Molly…you’ll want to show your boss

Hot chicks galore at Julian Edelman’s baby shower

Kendra Wilkinson wore this to the Slut Walk

Vikings ball boy makes one helluva catch on MNF…suck it Odell

NFL ref wanted Steve Young to date his daughter story of the week

NY train station ran a weird alert scroll the night before NJ train crash

Florida Man arrested for having a stolen milk crate…no joke

Meet Morgan from Florida State

Wheel of Fortune Disaster Of The Week

Sandwich of the Day

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