Police State Aqib Talib Shot Himself


aqib talib shot himself

Back in June, Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was shot in the right leg “by an unknown suspect” in Dallas.

Four months later, the Dallas Police Department finally has confirmation to who shot the star cornerback on June 5 — Aqib Talib!

That’s right. Rebecca Lopez of WFAA.com reports Talib straight up Plaxico’d himself:

Talib’s initial story? He was shot in a park:

They say his claim that he was shot by someone while standing in a park in northeast Dallas is unfounded, sources say.

Initially, Talib told police he heard a gunshot, and then fell to the ground, shot in the leg. He was driven in his Rolls Royce to a local hospital, where he was treated.

We’re sure Roger Goodell is coming up with some sort of punishment for this.

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