Crying 'Thank You God' Vols Fan Vs. Sad Georgia Fan

The fans are still trying to process what happened Saturday night in Athens, GA. My dad — not a Vols fan — just called and was still trying to process what happened during that final :30 seconds. He’s still trying to figure out how Georgia went down and scored like that and then allowed Tennessee to throw a Hail Mary from the 48 or so. And dad doesn’t have a dog in this fight. Think about the diehards who breath this stuff.
There are trailer parks across both of those states that were rocked and are still rocked by what happened. There were multiple reaction videos sent in, but one video stood out because you can just tell how desperate Vols fan Joshua King is to get over the hump. He’s so desperate to brag in some random SEC message board. He’s on his knees thanking god. He’s crying. The emotions are running through his body. He wasn’t this emotional on his wedding day.
That’s why I can’t get enough of this college football thing. That’s why I built an entire blog that revolves around fan emotion. I always said ESPN shows you what happened on the field. I want to show everything that you won’t see on SportsCenter.¬†Joshua King personifies that mantra.

Georgia fan thought he had that SEC East victory and shot at the SEC title game with a true freshman quarterback:

And then it happens…the throw, the catch, the reaction they’ll be talking about in Tennessee for generations:

Vols Fan Cries Like A Baby, Thanks God After The Hail Mary Win
Vols Fan Cries Like A Baby, Thanks God After The Hail Mary Win
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