Are You Ready For The Spartan World Championship? It’s This Weekend In Tahoe & We’ll Have Live Video



Our friends at Spartan Race sent word about a week ago that they wanted to take over the BC Facebook account to broadcast live from this weekend’s Spartan Race World Championship. Hell yes I’m going to let them grab access and show people climbing like 8,000 feet on a Tahoe mountain and completing a bunch of challenges for a piece of the $100,000 prize package.

Head over to BC Facebook today to catch some of the action live from Tahoe. We were told Thursday by Spartan founder Joe De Sena that the action would be intense and that there would be bodies breaking down and crumbling due to the incredible elevation changes and freezing water that will test the world’s best athletes.

World Championship Prize Money Total $100,000

Men & Women Elite Beast

1st place             $15,000

2nd place           $10,000

3rd place            $5,000

4th place            $4,000

5th place            $3,000

There’ll also be a special guest trying to complete the course: Randy Moss. Yep, the wide receiver Randy Moss. De Sena told us that he’s pretty confident Moss will crumble and be humbled by what he’s about to experience.

Let’s take a look at this Spartan World Championship course:

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