Ryder Cup Heckler Rattles Rory, He Misses Putt On 18 To Halve, USA Goes Up 4-0


God bless the USA!

If you’re going to rattle Rory McIlroy, you do it when he has to make a putt or the Euros go down 4-0 in the Ryder Cup. That’s exactly what happened this afternoon as Rory stepped up for this putt and had an American fan drop a “let an American putt it” one-liner that killed.

Heckler: "Rory, let an American putt it" pic.twitter.com/iUSf6qIpGo

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 30, 2016

That would’ve been a birdie on 18 to halve the match, but it wasn’t meant to be and now the U.S. has a decent 4-0 lead.