Rece Davis Jumps In On The Tennessee Losing Streak Jokes



When College GameDay announced this week that Florida-Tennessee was going to be the location for the show, we know all of these jokes were coming. Tennessee hasn’t beaten Florida since ‘Nam and all week the jokes came flooding in from across the country.

This one from Florida earlier this week completely blew up my mentions.

Jesus (via gatorwoodcraft/IG)

— Busted College (@BustedCollege) September 23, 2016

I never thought it would trickle its way into the media, though. I knew the easy jokes would come from the frat houses and the College GameDay signs, but never from a professional like Rece Davis. Being unbiased is his job. But it’s too much fun to let these jokes go unheard and Rece subtly dropped this before going live on his Facebook account.

About to go live on Facebook. Or "theFacebook" which is what they called it the last time UT beat Florida. 2004.

— Rece Davis (@ESPN_ReceDavis) September 23, 2016

Head over to the GameDay signs post to see more and Tennessee fans’ rebuttal.

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