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Hot Swedish Chef Jennifer Berg, Julian Edelman Baby Shower Guest List & Jerry Jones’ New Helicopter



USC-Utah could be interesting tonight on FS1 to see if any USC players fight the coach. That’s on at 9 EST. Or you can catch TCU-SMU at 8 on ESPN. There’s also a Wyoming-Eastern Michigan game on CBS SportsNetwork for the gambling junkies who want to throw down some money and watch. Hit the outdoor bar, fake watch some CFB games and enjoy the warm weather.

Meet Swedish chef Jennifer Berg…HOTTEST CHEF EVER?

Julian Edelman baby shower guest list is A++++

Creepy Kentucky clown captured!

Jerry Jones’ new helicopter

Carson Wentz ignores girlfriend on date to….

The Oregon Ducks jerseys you’ve been waiting your whole life for

Florida Man dumps cup of jizz on woman at Panera

Meet Darien from Western U.

Big Papi Retirement Gift of the Year

Sandwich of the Day

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