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Tom Mounting Up Gisele, Lasorda Takes A Nap & Puppies At College Parties



The Strat was evacuated on Wednesday

So there was a mysterious backpack left by a guest and it was making sounds, the Las Vegas Sun reports. Turns out that the backpack contained a medical device. So I started thinking about this situation and a gambler’s worst fear: something getting in the way of a heater. Let’s say you were on a 10-point streak at the craps table and all of a sudden security is clearing the Strat. You have a few thousand spread across the table and you’re feeling it. This is the big one. Couple more rolls and you’re collecting pumpkin chips. Do you head outside or beg for one more roll and risk being blown up by that backpack? Of course you know how rare it is to actually be blown up by one of these rogue backpacks. Ask around the office today to the other guys who are degenerate gamblers.

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