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April Ross Stops By Milk The Clock To Talk Olympics & We Figure Out Which Teams Are Out Of NFL Playoffs


Went a little long on this one, but there was so much material to tackle since we took a little break with the podcasts last week. I came back from Bristol with a cold and the voice was a total wreck more than it normally is. Plus, Paul was busy and so was I.

But we’re back to the grind. We talked to April Ross on Tuesday. She’s an old friend of the site after meeting us in L.A. at the Gatorade high school athlete of the year awards.

This week April stopped by thanks to Xperio UV and Essilor USA to talk eye care. You can hear April at the 12:25 mark. Don’t miss Paul forgetting the name of April’s beach volleyball partner. The partner is only the most glorified female beach volleyball player ever.

Here’s the iTunes link for those of you who are following over there.

The rest of the show is pure NFL (which teams are out of the playoffs even if they’re 1-1) and why we won’t take our kids — and I won’t take my wife — to NFL games (47:00).

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