Redskins Fan Wearing Jorts and Flip Flops Proposed To His Girlfriend On FedEx Field


I just want to give a big congratulations to this Redskins couple for getting engaged today before the game at FedEx field. I usually make fun of people who propose at games because it’s tacky and played out, but this guy avoided the jumbotron, avoided actually being in the stands and made sure he was on the field when he popped the question.

And no I’m not going to ignore the obvious reaction that people will have at his outfit. Jean shorts with the flip flops and socks is an absurd thing to wear to a football game. Just absurd. Add in the camo hat that doesn’t match whatsoever and we’ve got a trifecta of fashion idiocy. But he has his custom Sean Taylor jersey (RIP) and he’s probably been nervous all morning so I’ll cut him some slack.

But seriously… what are those?

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