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More Fire From Charissa Thompson, Leebs Is Back & Joe Montana At Washington Casino



Which ranked road team(s) are going down today?

I’ll go with Michigan State and Oregon. Of course most of you are hoping that Ohio State goes to Oklahoma and loses. That’s not a very smart move if your team is in the SEC or ACC. Think about this for a second. If Oklahoma loses today, they’re out of the Final Four. Is there a Big 12 team that can run the table and make it to the Final Four without a conference title game? Not likely. Texas? With a true freshman QB? Then we start looking at the Pac-12. They’re going to beat up on each other. That means we may be looking at the first year where two teams get in the Final Four from one of the other three power conferences. Notre Dame has that lose to Texas. Houston might not have enough big wins. Be careful during that Buckeyes-Sooners game.

Numbers from :

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