2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida State At Louisville

Week 3 of the season is here and we’re finally back to having a good slate of games. Last week didn’t end up being as bad as I thought with a few upsets and close calls, then rounding out the day with the Battle at Bristol. But now we’re back to big boy college football. Ranked matchups are across the board today starting at noon going all the way until the nightcap. It’s going to be good day.
The GameDay crew is in Lousiville this morning for a rare ranked noon game. Coming right out of the gates we have #2 FSU playing #10 Louisville. Everyone has been talking about Lamar Jackson and the absurd video game numbers he’s put up so far, well this is the type of game that can win you a Heisman.
GameDay Pick: Florida State -2
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2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Tennessee vs Virginia Tech
2016 ESPN GameDay Signs: Tennessee vs Virginia Tech
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