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Lana Won The Week On Instagram With Her Honeymoon Photos


The wedding is behind Lana and Rusev. Now the honeymoon to Dubai is behind the two of them and we’re left with an absolute clinic on how to win at Instagram by Lana. We’re left with a college course on how you should IG on a honeymoon. We don’t want to see a bunch of pics of your new husband. We don’t want to see a bunch of bullshit where you’re eating romantic meals. We want you to act like The Bashing Bulgarian isn’t even in the same time zone.

Lana delivered this week.

She didn’t pull the normal bullshit these brides pull where everything is so romantic and has to be documented. College professors should be showing this to all the 22 year olds taking a 400-level class and will be married in a couple years. You know the college girl I’m talking about. I’m talking about the one who pressures the shit out of her boyfriend to pop the question because her friend Abby is engaged and she can’t let Abby get all the attention. Then Jill gets Colin to buy her a ring, they set the wedding for like 16 months out because that’s the only open date for the perfect wedding location. She then fires up the IG machine and annoys the shit out of all her friends with stupid engagement pics.

Lana needs to be brought in to schools so she can teach these 22 year olds. The lesson today: Be like Lana.

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