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Kourtney Hits The Beach, Jessie James Decker Celebrates TD & Cardale Vs. Sooners QB



Baylor at Rice, anyone? What about Arkansas State at Utah State? There’s even a late Arizona State at UTSA. It’s bar TV material. It’ll be on and you’ll only care with 5:00 left in the 4th if it’s close. Otherwise it’s a bunch of soccer, WNBA, random golf, some NASCAR stuff, baseball, etc. Time to get juiced up for another huge weekend of college football. GameDay’s in Louisville for that huge game.

Your favorite Kardashian….Kourtney….hits the beach

Eiza Gonzalez!!! Trust me on this one

Jessie James Decker celebrates hubby’s TD

Cardale Jones vs. Oklahoma backup QB

LaMarcus Aldridge just paid $7M for this dump

This Florida Man attacked his girlfriend with a banana

TV station does story on kid who lost his stuffed monkey at mall

Meet Cassi from Tampa U.

Bills Mafia Table Slam of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

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