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Freddie Freeman Was In Big Hurry Last Night Because His Wife Was About To Pop Out A Baby


Chelsea Freeman ate the world famous Scalini’s Italian Restaurant eggplant parm this week and then her husband, Freddie, took off running through the dugout last night, presumably to get to the hospital for the birth of his child. Scalini’s in Smyrna, Georgia boasts nearly 300 baby photos on the restaurant’s walls. Those babies were born soon after eating the eggplant parm.

Sounds like the meal sent Chelsea into labor as Freddie and the Braves were down 5-4 in the bottom of the 7th to the Marlins. The Freeman child will now be known as an eggplant baby at Scalinis.

Chelsea and Freddie announced in March that they would be having a baby boy during a Spring Training bit where Freddie blasted a ball filled with blue powder. There are more babies to come: Chipper Jones’ wife is pregnant and so is Janet Uggla. The Freemans, Jones & Ugglas could literally start their own reality show in Atlanta. Don’t say I didn’t say so when Bravo gets their hands on that show.


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