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Rachel Bush Is Back, 1993 Rovell, Vince Young At The Clubs & Pageviews Still Single



The Vegas NHL team has a name & it’ll be Knights

Zzzzzzzzzz…the Knights. They’ll either be the Desert Knights or the Silver Knights. I’m still partial to One Night Stands, Blackouts, Bros, Bad Beats, etc. It turns out that the owner of the new franchise went to West Point and he really wanted Black Knights, but didn’t want to run into trouble with the Army so he will go with Desert or Silver Knights. I think it’s going to be Silver. Then he’ll outline the silver with black and get the best of both worlds. That’s my thinking here. The team won’t start in the NHL until 2017-18. There’s still plenty of time to see how many people actually care about hockey in Vegas.

Numbers from :

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