BC College Football Top 10 After Week 1

It’s time to release the Busted Coverage Top 10 after Week 1. Remember, you get graded on who you played, not the result. Next week we’ll readjust the rankings. And so on. Get mad and frustrated all you want. Start a blog and create your own Top 10.
#1 Alabama – No use in wasting too much time on this one. Embarrassed USC 52-6 after the USC bookstore soldout of “Roll Tears Roll” shirts a few weeks ago. Bama ran for 242 yards, don’t have a clear #1 QB and it doesn’t matter.

#2 Clemson – It wasn’t beautiful and Auburn won’t go to a New Year’s Day bowl game, but Clemson’s still Clemson and won on the road in a competent SEC school’s stadium. Deshaun Watson didn’t have a Heisman-type game (19 of 34, 248, 1 TD, 1 INT). That means he’ll need to throw for 450-500 on Troy this week.
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#3 Houston – If Oklahoma got four 1st place votes in the first AP poll and they got lit up by Houston, I have to give this spot to the Cougars. Don’t forget how many people told you Oklahoma would be in the Final Four. This was a 33-17 game late in the 4th. And Oklahoma only had 70 yards on the ground. Greg Ward Jr. is a Heisman contender and the schedule is soft all the way to Louisville in November. That means Houston will likely fall out of this spot. Everyone relax.
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#4 Texas – The Longhorns are back. They’re back to winning a big game. They’re back to running the ball (237 on the Irish) and Shane Buechele is the first competent UT QB in a long time (280, 2 TDs, INT). If you’re not impressed by this win, you clearly don’t know college football. Notre Dame’s offense is going to score a ton of points this year with Kizer at QB. If ND wins this game, Kizer’s the early Heisman leader.

#5 Florida State – Yeah, they went nuts in the 2nd half against a typical Ole Miss team that makes horrible mistakes (Chad Kelly 3 INTs). The Seminoles secondary was a complete mess in the 1st half or they’d be in the early BC Final Four. I’m still amazed how SEC defense is pretty much a farce and has been over the last 5 or so years. Ole Miss gave up 580 total yards to FSU.

#6 Stanford – Most of you didn’t pay attention to the Cardinal Friday night against Kansas State, but that was a battle. K-State gave up only 30 yards in the 2nd half before McCaffrey broke loose for a 41-yard TD run. He finished with 166 on the ground & receiving, which normally would be a huge victory for the opponent, but K-State threw 2 INTs and only rushed for 2.9 yards a carry. This is the kind of opponent the Big Ten needs to bring in to open the season.
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#7 Wisconsin – Aren’t we going to reward teams for playing SEC teams who were a sexy pick to win the Final Four? Was it pretty? Not at all. Is LSU once again seemingly overranked and a total mess at QB? They were. Wasn’t Fournette a guaranteed lock to make it to NY for the Heisman? He had 138 on 23 carries. That’s not the day he was supposed to have against a marginal Wisconsin team. Give the Badgers credit for a big win.
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#8 Georgia – Will North Carolina be any good this year? They’re probably good enough to get into the Belk Bowl. Should Michigan or Ohio State be ranked higher than Georgia after beating cupcakes? No. Nick Chubb is a clear Heisman contender in a packed field after going off for 222 yards on 32 carries and 2 TDs. If Chubb gets those kind of carries and the Dawgs win the East, he’ll be in NY. As for the QB situation, the Jacob Eason era has started and now we just wait for UGA to implode in October.
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#9. Texas A&M – Johnny comes home to go to school, Trevor Knight comes into College Station as the new QB and the Aggies go for 203 on the ground. Again, we’re crediting A&M here for playing a tough first game and grabbing 3 INTs on Josh Rosen. (This is also where I remind you about SEC defenses — A&M gave up 468 yards to the Bruins.)

#10. Ohio State – Only reason OSU isn’t further down the list is because Bowling Green is coming off a MAC title. The Buckeyes put up 776 yards, a new school record for total offense that stood since 1930. Still, the only thing I kept thinking Saturday afternoon was how hit looks that more Big Ten teams aren’t playing competent schools on opening weekend. Yes, I saw the schedule and see that Oklahoma’s coming up. I also know that OSU plays one Ohio MAC school each season. Still, I was bored.
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Honorable Mention: Michigan (play a team that’ll have more than 2-3 wins); Washington (Rutgers wouldn’t win the MAC); Notre Dame (good luck stopping Kizer…this guy’s going to have a huge year).
LOL of the Week: Mississippi State losing to South Alabama and Kentucky losing to Southern Miss. Kentucky got shutout in the 2nd half and Miss. State only managed a field goal in the 2nd half against South Alabama. So much for dominate bodies and 3, 4 and 5 stars. The Bulldogs lost the time of possession 36:00 to 23:00 to a team that was 5-7 a year ago. At least Southern Miss was 9-5 a year ago and went to a bowl game.
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