Who The “Hellie” Should You Pick #1 In Fantasy Football? NFL Network’s Dan Hellie Breaks It Down



Having the #1 pick in your fantasy draft comes with a lot of pressure – what you do determines what the entire rest of the draft field is able to do.  Based on the type of league you are in, this could impact how you are perceived in real life.

If you’re in a work league and reach on AP, you may be seen as a loose cannon willing to take unnecessary risks, just like Colin Kaepernick. But if you take the consensus #1 Antonio Brown, you look prudent and risk averse. If you’re in a league with a bunch of strippers, it’s all a race to Rob Gronkowski and no one is going to care once Pitbull starts blaring in the background and “Destiny” gets called to the stage.

What do you do if you have the #1 overall pick in a league with guys you grew up with, guys who you actually care about beating? 2016 is the first time in several years that the #1 player based on average draft position is a wide receiver, so it’s weird, an anomaly. Just like all that weird stuff you did on Facebook live with your bros after eleveenteen Natty Ices that you said was your “first time.”

Dan Hellie, host of NFL Network’s flagship program NFL Total Access, stopped by the Milk The Clock podcast studio this week. I asked him what you should do with the #1 overall pick (at roughly 20:22 mark) and he actually gave me real advice – not that canned Mathew Berry garbage you slurp up so willingly — but really strong stuff about who you should pick at the top of the draft, and who you should be targeting as a sleeper.

I also spoke to Dan about the best/worst interviews he’s ever done, the last time he got nervous prior to a broadcast, and his “overnight” road to NFL Network. Fire this up during your pre-draft prep:

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