Pray For The Alcohol Supply This Weekend In Green Bay…LSU & Wisconsin Are Thirsty

Opening weekend of college football is finally here, plenty of good games on the schedule but this LSU vs Wisconsin caught my eye. Vegas has LSU-10 but the game isn’t the real story here, I’m way more interested in the tailgate. These 2 teams have notoriously large drinking fan bases and they’re meeting in the tailgate capital of the world, the historic Lambeau Field.
This is already the greatest tailgate in football history and the game hasn’t even happened yet. College GameDay will be there and over 80,000 fans are expected. Last year LSU played in Syracuse and the LSU Board of Alumni were scared the city wasn’t going to have enough alcohol for the fans from Baton Rouge, that an absurd thought to even have when visiting a school 1,200 miles away.

LSU fans travel well and are arguably the biggest drinking fan base in college football, Wisconsin loves Miller Lite, its a recipe for disaster greatness. Fuck the actual game ESPN needs to have a crew set up in the parking lot.
Wisconsin needs to do two things. First they need to call up the folks over at Guinness World Records because the record for amount of beers consumed in a day is going to get absolutely shattered. Second they need to get a shit ton of ambulances with IV packs located throughout the parking lot to keep these fans hydrated and alive so they can make it through the whole game.
Over/under tailgate vines that go viral is set at 7.5. (can’t even guess an over/under for amount of beers)
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