Buy This Green Bay Packers Tailgate RV — $12,000

Packers tailgate rv

Packers tailgate rides are pretty hard to come by on Craigslist, but if there are any Cheeseheads in the market, the 1986 Fleetwood RV above is looking for a new home.

There’s nothing subtle about it with the in-your-face green and yellow color scheme and custom facemask around the hood — it’ll set you back $12,000 (OBO).

Scant details from the owner:

1986 Fleetwood with a 454 engine. 32 feet.

We use this for tailgating at Lambaeu Field.We are asking $12000 obo.

Nice painted Packer colors and interior to match.

To be honest, this is the first time we’ve ever seen the facemask/eye black combo on a ride so we’re pretty impressed with the creativity here.

Additional photos of the RV:

Don’t see this everyday:


Lots of Packers decor inside: