Nate Diaz Spent His Sunday Night Getting High With Snoop Dogg

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How can you not love the Diaz brothers? All they love they love to do is get high and break people’s faces. After UFC 202 Nate was smoking some sort of futuristic weed that I’ve never heard of that somehow magically heals your swollen ass face. And now last night, him and his brother hit the Snoop Dogg show in Cali and took this massive joint to the dome.


I think we can assume Snoop joined the party on that one.


TMZ has Nate’s full Snapchat from last night:

You can only imagine the amount of weed that was smoked last night. Knowing Diaz, that’s all he needed to get back in the octagon with Conor. Can’t wait til the 3rd fight.

Nate Diaz hanging out with Snoop Dogg (via Nate's Snapchat: natediaz209)

— Michael Hutchinson (@TheMikeyHutch) August 29, 2016