Harambe Mascot Drags Kids at Cincinnati HS Football Game

Harambe cincinnati high school football

Unlike Danny the Intern, I’m not a big Harambe guy — it’s pretty much just another dead gorilla to me. (Though I will admit I didn’t mind the Harambe posters at the Democractic and Republican conventions.)

However, a creative soul at a Cincinnati high school football game took the Harambe love next level by donning a gorilla costume and dragging kids around in an epic sideline performance.

According to The Independent, Harambe mascot also made a play for a banana:

And video and pictures from a local school football game have emerged, showing a person dressed in a gorilla outift chasing after somebody in a banana costume who is carrying a sign that reads: “RIP Harambe”.

In still images, the gorilla is seen dragging a child by the arm around the football pitch in a manner reminiscent of the way in which the real Harambe was seen doing to the three-year-old boy who fell into his enclosure.

High school sideline acts will never be the same:


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