Gael Monfils Wrecks US Open Clock

Gael Monfils clock

Gael Monfils had a good first day at the US Open as he defeated Gilles Muller in straight sets, but it’s safe to say the only thing people care about is the clock he shattered.

As you can see below, the clock at Court 17 had a serious case of the Mondays after Monfils delivered a jump kick during a point:

#Monfils #USOpen

— doublefault28 (@doublefault28) August 29, 2016

Here’s another angle of Monfils nearly suffering a weird tennis injury to his leg:

.@Gael_Monfils is battling multiple opponents on the court today. #usopen

— US Open Tennis (@usopen) August 29, 2016

To be honest, the destroyed version of the clock actually looked pretty cool:

Court 17 clock thanks to Monfils 🙈

— Brett (@gators72) August 29, 2016

Did play go on with a shattered clock in the background? Unfortunately not as officials quickly repaired it:

Good work, guys!

— doublefault28 (@doublefault28) August 29, 2016