Blake Bortles Gives an Honest Assessment of His Jags

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Don’t let the scoreboard fool you — the Jaguars beat the Bengals Sunday night, but those who watched probably won’t be jumping on their sleeper bandwagon.

They Jags were down 14-0 at one point as they struggled on both sides of the ball. After the game, Michelle Tafoya caught up with Blake Bortles for an unlikely post-victory interview — he didn’t hold back tearing his team apart:

Go Jaguars

— Mike Tunison (@xmasape) August 29, 2016

“Well, we played pretty bad. I don’t think they a whole of things to stop us. We played bad at every position and usually that’s what happens when you play bad — you don’t score a lot of points.”

There you go. The points will come when you don’t play bad.

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