Former Clemson Mascot Got A Giant Tiger Tattooed On His Leg

The college mascot game is no joke. Those guys take their jobs just as serious as everyone else in the program and maybe even more. When that passion bucket gets filled to the brim, there’s no telling what a college mascot will do. We’ve seen them fight, dance, and do anything possible to keep those fans cheering. It’s a lifestyle.
That’s why I respect the hell out of former Clemson mascot Andrew Beeler. According to his Twitter account, he spent 5 seasons as the Tiger in Death Valley (’11-’15) and now that his reign is over, the legacy must live on in the form of body ink.
That’s not some pussy tattoo (no pun intended) either. That thing is massive.

Beeler has the seal of approval from Dabo

He’s also a true patriot

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