Team USA’s Madison Kocian Gets A Stretch In Before Competing


Madison Kocian stretch video

Madison Kocian has a team gold in the gymnastics all around and a silver in the uneven bars competition down in Rio & now owns one of the most insane stretching videos you’ll see from the Olympics. I’m talking a stretching video where it looks like her stretch coach is about to enter the rowing competition.

Look, Kocian’s only 19. She should be this flexible even without the Olympics thing. You know who’s barely getting out of bed in the morning? This guy. I need balance to even get my work….shorts…on in the morning. I’m balancing against the bed frame to get those things on.

Then I head downstairs to the BC home office and sit in a chair for about 12-14 hours…at least. My stretching consists of arms over my head every couple of hours and adjusting my legs against the desk frame. I might get up every couple of hours to refill my trail mix cup or get a water.

Meanwhile, in some 3/4 empty gymnastics arena, Madison Kocian is being pretzled. Don’t get old, Madison.

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