Dez Cowboys Fan Lands First Rams F-Bomb On L.A. News

Cowboys Fan F-bomb Rams

FOOTBALL IS BACK IN L.A.! How do I know? A Cowboys fan has already dropped an f-bomb on ABC-7, my favorite station in Los Angeles because they give us content about once a month, including this from Saturday night after the Rams beat the Cowboys in an ultra-meaningless preseason game.

As you can see, Felix Jones Dez Cowboys fan wanted to make an impression on L.A. and really get people back in the mood for football. Why do I get the feeling there will be violence at Rams games until they move into that posh new stadium, then pricing the working class out of attending?

@bustedcoverage "F the Rams" on live TV

— Chris Fore, MA, CAA (@CoachFore) August 14, 2016

Football is back!

FOOTBALL IS BACK IN L.A. ….that means we now have Corona suites in the Coliseum end zone, which isn’t a bad thing

Kinda surprised to see Rams fans already on the bandwagon this hard