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What did I do last night?

I’m a huge fan of that feeling where you’ve stayed up late for about 14 nights in a row and you feel a couch night coming on. You know what I’m talking about. You go out and carb the hell outta your mind at dinner, throw a couple beers into the mix & then head home. You go straight to the couch. The air conditioning is cranked up, the TV is on whatever…doesn’t matter. It’s not even 8. And then you sleep until about 3:45 before actually heading to bed. That was my night and it felt so damn good. I needed to stay awake to tweet beach volleyball, but screw it. Gotta get a couch night in now and then, especially with football season coming up fast. So many 1 a.m. nights headed my way.

Numbers from:

Michael Phelps murders: 1 (Chad de Klos)

Ray Lewis murders: 1 (some guy in Atlanta) that we know of

— BustedCoverageStats (@BustedStats) August 10, 2016