CBC Announcer Says Chinese Swimmer “Died Like a Pig”

Byron MacDonald CBC

He’s on the right.

CBC swimming announcer Byron MacDonald got himself in some trouble Wednesday night when a hot mic caught him roasting 14-year-old Chinese swimmer Ai Yanhan after the 4x200m freestyle relay.

Canada was able to pull off a bronze medal during the event, and according to Byron, it was all thanks to the Chinese Olympian who “dropped the ball” and “died like a pig:”

Is this the commentary @CBCOlympics thinks Canadians want to hear? "14 year old Chinese swimmers died like a pig" pic.twitter.com/iV7fYIcaoo

— Rob Barber (@barberrob) August 11, 2016

I mean, he’s not exactly wrong here — Canada’s comeback was fueled by her slow time.

The CBC, of course, apologized quickly for the comments:

@barberrob We apologize the comment on a swim performance made it to air. It was an unfortunate choice of words – we’re sorry it happened.

— CBC Olympics (@CBCOlympics) August 11, 2016

MacDonald also issued a personal apology on-air this morning (via The National Post):

“I would like to take a moment to apologize for a comment that I made last night after the women’s relay,” he said on CBC’s Olympic broadcast. I was referring to a swimmer’s performance, and not to them as a person. Needless to say, there was no disrespect intended and I’m very sorry.”