'16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Volleyball Stars

The Summer Olympics are back!
You no longer have to come up with dumb excuses for watching women’s collegiate volleyball on The Longhorn Network on those lazy Sunday afternoons.
It is the time of the sports year that brings together the most talented female volleyball squads in the world and pins them together in a winner-take-all tournament for a chance at Olympic Gold.
Brazil comes in as the winner of both the 2008 and 2012 summer Olympics where they beat Team USA in both of them to bring home the Gold medal. They head into the Olympics as one of the favorites to win another Gold medal, giving them the wonderful three peat.
Among all the team is a roster of very talented and extremely beautiful women that have worked hard to get to Rio. Some of these ladies have been chosen as the hottest women among the teams competing in the Olympics. It’s a great list that you should remember for years to come. Try not to enjoy it for too long and get back to watching them on TV.

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Dutch Cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten Suffers Nasty Spill
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