Kate Upton In Wedding Shape, Trump-Clinton Hockey Bobbleheads & Jordan Rodgers SEC Job

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The Olympics get started today with women’s soccer…..I KNOW, THEY HAVEN’T HAD THE OPENING CEREMONIES YET…with U.S. vs. New Zealand and then a bunch of other matches throughout the day on NBCSN. Things get rolling at 11:30 a.m. EST. I’ll probably watch even though it’s soccer just to get into the Olympic spirit.

Kate Upton seems to be tightening up for the wedding

Lindsay Lohan’s not pregnant…that’s a beer belly!

Paris Hilton hosing off for what looks like a SnapChat

Jordan Rodgers gets SEC TV job…after winning Bachelorette

Where will Team USA basketball stay in Rio? Not in athlete village

Trump-Clinton hockey bobbleheads

This Florida Woman arrested for throwing boiling soup on her sleeping BF

Meet Kasse from Oregon State

Craig Sager Being A Goddamn Warrior Vine of the Year


Sandwich of the Day