Gabby Reece Talks To Milk The Clock About Her Knee Replacement, Avoiding Opioids & Her Time In Playboy

Gabby Reece family

Haven’t heard from Gabby Reece in several years? That’s because she’s been busy living what looks like an amazing life between Hawaii and Malibu where her and Laird Hamilton are raising kids, spending – according to Gabby’s IG – pretty much all free time in the water or on the beach and hanging out with friends like Joakim Noah and Chris Chelios.

Sounds pretty damn nice to me.

But the only guy undefeated in his life, Father Time, recently caught up to Gabby, 46, and she had to have knee replacement surgery. She took time today to talk about her decision to avoid taking opioids to deal with pain after the surgery and the alternatives that are available to handle the pain.

You know the deal with opioids. Get hooked & you’re pretty much screwed.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Scott A. Sigman joined Gabby on the call to give the doctor perspective on alternatives. You can get more information at

We also found time to talk to Gabby about the upcoming Olympics and whether she’d be down to play some bar beach volleyball with us in Ohio and/or Omaha, which are becoming sand volleyball hotbeds.

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