Sporty Britt McHenry, Steph Curry At Ohio State Fair & Urban’s Final Vacation

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It was one of those weekends where you meet a sports legend & it was better than you expected

So I got to chat with racing legend A.J. Foyt this weekend at a race course in the middle of nowhere Ohio where Indy Cars were running the Honda 200. A couple of us went into A.J.’s hauler to shoot the breeze about the current state of racing, crazy stuff he won’t do and to hear some old stories about his life in the sport. It really was like talking to the Babe Ruth of racing. And he couldn’t have been nicer. Not one single outburst at me. He wanted to destroy our video guy for f-ing up the mic but remained calm answering my questions. The one thing that surprised me was that A.J. doesn’t care much about other things in life. He likes racing, steak and winning. Not winning drives the guy crazy. He’s 81 & he’d still run through a brick wall to win.

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Justin Tucker kicked a 69-yard FG at practice today NFL record for a FG in a gm is 64 yds (Matt Prater 2013, DEN)

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