The ‘How Many Beers Kate Gosselin’ & Canadian Football Milk The Clock Podcast



Ever wanted to hear a podcast that includes CFL rules chatter, ‘How many beers’ Kate Gosselin & even some┬áKim Zolciak thrown in, then this is the Milk The Clock podcast for you. We pumped this one out Friday, but I’m just getting around to uploading it because I have a family, travel duties and other things to do.

It’s not like you were going to listen to a podcast on a Friday so let’s roll it out on a Sunday.

We hit all the hot topics of the week like the CFL announcer who wants defensive players suspended for a game if they go after a QB’s knees – late – and then there’s the good stuff. That’s where Paul and I dive into Who Would You Rather: Real Housewife Kim Zolciak or Kate Gosselin.

Hell yes I’m ready for the NFL to get rolling. Save us, NFL!


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