Michael Young Almost Lays Out Elvis Andrus For Wearing A Jigsaw Mask


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.01.37 AM

It was Michael Young Night last night in Texas where the long time Ranger infielder was being inducted in the Rangers Hall of Fame. So, like they tend to do in baseball they threw him in the back of a pickup truck and paraded him around the stadium to take in all of the glory.

And naturally Elvis Andrus, being the practical jokester he’s become, decided to celebrate Young by throwing on a Jigsaw mask from the Saw movies and scare him. Let’s just say Michael Young didn’t enjoy it.

This is exactly like when Elvis Andrus touches Adrian Beltre’s hair. To him it’s a joke, but Beltre wants to murder him afterwards. Michael Young apparently has a raging fear of clowns, so if you dress up like a clown around him the joke is over and he’s ready to fight.


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