Things Got Awkward When Russell Westbrook Was Asked About Kevin Durant

I’m normally not really a fan of sticking a camera in a celebrity/athlete’s face when you’re out in public and trying to catch them off guard to go viral. But boy, when someone has big enough balls to actually do it, I can’t help but respect it. You’re taking a healthy risk just to get a few seconds of content.
Russell Westbrook, who has been very quiet since Kevin Durant’s announcement, was straight up ambushed by this fan with this Durant question. Never saw it coming and it led to an exchange that will make your skin crawl.

That’s not a ‘laugh the question off’ laugh. That’s a ‘I have no quick answer so I’ll just laugh into the camera like an insane person’ laugh.
I’m impressed with the nuts this Facebook user had, though. Russ is known to be a borderline psycho (at least on the court), so there’s no chance I’m risking my livelihood by trying to ask the tough questions. I’m not journalist.
Sidenote: Westbrook as the number option on OKC is going to be awesome this year.

Angry Russ is the best Russ.

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