Meet Pernille Blume – Danish Olympic Swimmer


It’s unlikely that Danish swimmer Pernille Blume will end up on the medal podium at the Rio Olympics, but there’s a good chance a camera will catch Blume and she’ll go viral on Twitter or some other form of social media. Pernille Blume competed in the 2012 London Games in five events and her best finish was 7th in a 4X100 medley relay.

But you guys know the deal here. It’s the Olympics and hot women at the Olympics are a single IG upload or camera shot away from instant stardom. Blume, 22, could be that star, especially if she pulls off a miracle and ends up in the finals and gets a block next to an American. She’ll compete in four different races so there’s a chance, especially in the 50 meter freestyle where she’s ranked 6th in the world.

According to Danish media, Blume nearly ended her career in February. Here’s the rough translation:

There are many emotions that it becomes too much. Eventually I had almost want to throw up that I was going to training. I was quite sick inside, I felt just at the thought that I should put myself out of my car and drive to training, says Blume in the TV program.

I think I kept pushing it and pushing it until I eventually became so stressed in my body that just said from, and I thought, ok now I will have to stop completely, otherwise it all falls together, says Blume

Stay tuned. She has the sob story that the media loves. Could go viral.