White Sox Fan Stands With Chris Sale

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It looks like Chris Sale’s throwback jersey hatred has lit a creative fire under some White Sox fans.

On Monday, an old dude captivated the Internet with his ingenius Sale home jersey featuring faux tears and duct tape:


A tough act to follow for sure, but this guy had the right idea with his sign and way-too-tight uniform:

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Sale apologized for his jersey tantrum on Monday, but also reaffirmed his stance against the 1976 throwbacks (via MLB.com):

“[The ’76 uniforms] are uncomfortable and unorthodox. I didn’t want to go out there and not be at the top of my game in every aspect that I need to be in. Not only that, but I didn’t want anything to alter my mechanics. … There’s a lot of different things that went into it. Looking bad had absolutely zero to do with it. Nothing.”

[H/t to R/Baseball]

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