Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City Restaurant Closed

Earlier this month, we told you guys about incensed Thunder fans crushing Kd’s Southern Cuisine (Kevin Durant’s restaurant) on Yelp. We ended the post with one simple question: Over/under one year before this place shuts down?

A couple weeks later we have our answer: Easy under.
According to, Hal Smith Restaurants closed Kd’s on Sunday and plan to reopen a new restaurant later:

“It has been an honor- and a lot of fun- to partner with Kevin Durant at Kd’s these last few years,” Hal Smith said. “We wish him the very best as he takes a new direction in his career.”
Smith closed the restaurant on Sunday and his team is already working on the change.
He also says that employees are being offered the opportunity to stay with the company during the transition, with pay.

Kd’s in happier times:

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