Cam Newton Finally Signs His BCS Game Pants & Seems To Want Them Back

Cam Newton BC

The dab is dead, Cam Newton told us. And that wasn’t even the biggest news from our interview with the MVP.

Was I nervous when Cam Newton walked into the press room at the L.A. Hotel last week in downtown Los Angeles at the Gatorade High School Athlete of the Year Awards? Not really. I was more nervous someone would walk off with my backpack that contained the Cam Newton BCS game pants that I bought back in 2011 for $1,500.

Have I ever mentioned I bought those pants from Auburn? First time you’re hearing that? OK, so you know the story.

It’s weird, you get to a certain age in life and suddenly nerves about meeting the NFL MVP start to fade. The late 30s will do that to you. The metabolism isn’t like it used to be. Things start slowing down. 10 years ago I would’ve been a sweaty mess if you put me in front of a camera with Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and turned on the bright lights. By now you guys have bashed me so often that I’m loosened up and it’s time to just have fun. Wait until you see the video where I rap with Todd Gurley about toilet techniques. That’s the kind of material we want out of athletes. Staying true to the BC brand.

I could have the massive heart attack tomorrow. I’m not looking for a new job. I created my dream job. I don’t need resume material so some multimedia company will throw me a bone and make me move out of Ohio.

Was I a little wobbly when it came time to ask Cam if he’d sign the BCS pants? Yes. That’s the first time in my life I’ve ever asked an interview subject if he’d sign something and will likely be the last. I had to. Those pants have so much history with this stupid site I built nearly 9 years ago.

My choices going in:

• Ask Cam if he’d sign the pants, watch him freak out and storm out of the interview, or

• Don’t ask Cam to sign the pants and be ridiculed for the rest of my life, or

• Ask Cam to sign the pants and watch him be stunned that I have the pants, which leads to him Antique Roadshow-ing with me, then signing the pants.

My impression of Cam:

Thought the guy was great and not just because he signed the pants. You can’t have a thin skin around him in this kind of setting. You better be able to go back and forth or he’s going to make you crumble. Yes, he’s massive. Look at me. I’m a total loser and probably made Cam nervous to be around such a lack of athleticism.

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