My Buddy Cam Newton Ruthlessly STUFFED By Volleyball Girl At Baltimore Beach

Cam Newton Volleyball Baltimore Beach Video WATCH

Cam Newton, hot off an interview with BC last week in L.A., hit up Baltimore Beach this week for some volleyball action with the locals…and…I hate to report this because we’re now good friends…he was stuffed by a girl while trying to drop the hammer on a spike.

I blame the set on this one.¬†How is the 6-5, 250 lb. MVP supposed to drop the hammer when you set it four feet from the net? Perfect timing from volleyball girl with the block. Took an all-time effort to stuff Superman and you hear it in her voice with that scream. She’s not forgetting that the rest of her life. She’s putting that on her Tinder profile.

What was Cam doing playing volleyball on Baltimore Beach? It seems that the Panthers had a team building event and it was a volleyball night. Greg Olsen was there too, see below.

I hate to do this to Cam because we’re pretty tight now thanks to the BCS pants, but this one is about to go viral. One minute it’s on BC, the next minute SportsCenter picks it up. North Carolina news jumps on. 40 or 50 blogs jump on and we have s story.

Gotta do it to my buddy. Sorry bro.

Look at that vertical! Terrible set…do better volleyball girl!


Nice night for some volleyball