Clemson Football Releases Incredible Twitter O-Lineman Tonka Commercial Spoof

Clemson football tonka truck spoof twitter video

Clemson is building a $55 million football complex that will be 140,000 square feet and serve as the new home to the program away from the field. The excavators are moving dirt. The trucks are in and out. There are dirt piles everywhere.

The place sounds amazing — if you’re willing to commit.

Coach Swinney describes the new complex as the “epitome of Clemson: fun, special and the best in the country.” To that end, one of the goals of the facility is to provide members of the football program and visitors with a unique Clemson experience. In addition to an indoor replica of the Hill and Howard’s Rock, the facility will include a career development and leadership center, a players’ lounge, locker rooms, training/rehab facility, weight room, nutrition center and dining facility, meeting rooms, coaches’ offices and a first-of-its-kind recruiting war room.

It’s just the kind of environment where the Clemson Football Twitter team can thrive. And that’s what happened with the newest gem out of the school that constantly provides great Twitter videos.

Looks like we have a breakout star in Robbie Caldwell, the offensive line coach.