Drew League Player Blocks A Shot, Then Immediately Gets Put On A Poster

The Drew League is a famous pro-am basketball league based out of Southern California where you see a lot of former college players and current NBA players participate in during their summer offseason. It’s not too serious and every summer I feel like we see loads of highlights come out of it to entertain us during this sports down time.
With the Drew League season just starting last week, we were able to get our first (and possibly best) highlight of the summer yesterday with former Colorado player, Shannin Sharpe (not that Shannon Sharpe), recovering a blocked shot and throwing down a ridiculous poster.


What a rollercoaster for that big man. One second you send a weak shot back out to the top of the key and next thing you know you’re on your back with the whole gym going nuts. Gotta play to the whistle.
And for an even better angle, here’s the side view.

Russell Westbrook Throws One Down On a Camper
Russell Westbrook Throws One Down On a Camper
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