Tour de France Cyclist Punched A Fan In The Face For Running Too Close To Him

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Tour de France fans are the WORST and that statement has been solidified this week. First of all, they actually travel to watch a bunch of dudes ride bikes. That’s the first red flag. But they don’t just stop there, they make it their mission to cause all kinds of mayhem and shenanigans while they’re at it. This is what I’m talking about:

Dudes dressed like Borat

A lady riding her horse next to the cyclists

People drawing dicks on the road (this is actually kind of funny)

Now this morning there’s this guy dressed like a damn chicken running right next to Chris Froome (who ended up winning this stage) and rightfully caught a left jab right to his chin.

Chris Froome punches fan during Stage 8 of #TDF2016

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) July 9, 2016

Look, I’m not some cycling purist who wants to sport’s integrity to be respected. I mean 90% of these guys are roided up or using motors already. But these people deserved to decked in the face.

Getting abuse for the hand off of the spectator, camera doesn't show his flag almost going into my front wheel & across my handlebars! 😡

— Chris Froome (@chrisfroome) July 9, 2016

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